True Solar is privately held company headquartered in Sydney, New South Wales and is the leading Designer and Integrator of renewable energy solutions and projects. In 2010 alone, we have installed nearly 3 MW capacities of Solar PV systems. We provide renewable energy systems with advance electronics, Power back up systems and Energy Efficiency technologies to Australian market. With emphasis on superior product performance, True Solar has established itself as a product of choice in harsh environmental conditions and applications where product reliability is paramount. Whether the application is Grid-Connect Solar power or Stand alone Power system for remote areas or Energy Efficiency products for home and business, True Solar has established to provide superior product and services.

It was a humble beginning by young business professionals coming from Electrical Engineering and Finance background. True Solar is dedicated to provide Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Solutions to all our customers across Australia. True Solar extended its operations to Western Australia and Queensland.

True Solar’s customer service and technical support have received industry wide acclaim for offering customer‘s timely service to problem solving. True Solar has the engineering expertise and technical know-how to understand energy needs, design and optimize power systems to our clients.
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